• 05-DEC-2016

Our view on cotton from Turkmenistan

Cotton 2

IKEA does not accept forced, bounded and child labour and works hard to prevent them and to support human rights. We are aware of the challenges in the Turkmenistan cotton industry, and work actively to contribute to improve both working conditions and the cotton industry as a whole. The decision to be present in Turkmenistan has been and continues to be carefully evaluated on an ongoing basis. Extra measures have been taken in Turkmenistan, as always in challenging areas, to secure compliance to our strict requirements regarding working conditions as well as environmental and social standards, with specific references to human rights.

IKEA has a limited sourcing from Turkmenistan: there is only one supplier producing two products with cotton from two specific regions. 125 farmers have been trained on the principles and criteria for Better Cotton. The supplier has been audited and according to IWAY, the strict IKEA supplier code of conduct, by both IKEA and third party auditors. On the ground assessments and audits on farm level is conducted during the cotton season when the workers are present on the fields.

The origin of IKEA products are stated on the product labels. In the case of the current two products from Turkmenistan they are today available in some stores, but since the sourcing is limited sourcing they are not imported to e.g. the UK or US at this time.

We will stop sourcing if we identify forced and bounded labour or any other human rights violations during our audits or assessments. However, our current ambition is to continue to be present in Turkmenistan in order to contribute to a positive change on the ground.


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