• 07-JUN-2018

IKEA explores “what makes a home?” with the documentary The Human Shelter

IKEA is always looking for new ways to learn about everyday life. A curiosity to know and understand what makes a home in the world we live in today, and tomorrow. Originating from this curiosity is The Human Shelter directed by acclaimed Danish film director Boris B. Bertram. The documentary is a result of a two-year worldwide cinematographic expedition, investigating the question of ”What makes a home?” – now and in the future. 

Throughout the years we have visited people in their homes in order to understand their needs and dreams. Extensive research and thousands of home and life visits in all markets where IKEA operates is the basis of everything we do. This to understand and cater for the many peoples behaviours, dreams and needs, not only in the home but also outside the home. 

The overall ambition is to make people aware and reflect upon what actually defines a home in a complex world. A world where mega-cities are growing rapidly, millions of people are displaced due to conflicts and where climate change and natural catastrophes has become a part of living. IKEA hopes that the documentary The Human Shelter will make the audience rethink and discuss the complexity and importance of “home” as a universal phenomenon.

Boris B. Bertram’s film The Human Shelter, explores different people’s ways of creating their homes around the globe. During the film we travel to some of the world’s extremities concerning climate change, growing megacities and conflict zones – across four continents in nine different countries, throughout the journey asking questions like: When does a refugee camp shelter in Iraq become a home? What can a Sami reindeer herder teach the modern human about the concept of time? Why can the smell of a glacier in spring make us feel at home in our bodies? And, what would a home on Mars look like in the future?

Boris B. Bertram is a Danish award-winning film director and a partner at Good Company Pictures located in Copenhagen. Beside his feature documentary films, Boris has directed several TV-series for Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and TV2. Boris is supported by The Danish Art Council and received Steen Baadsgaard Award in 2002.

The 56 minute documentary is financed by IKEA Group and IKEA of Sweden, and produced by award-wining film director Boris B. Bertram, with partner Good Company Pictures.

IKEA is one brand and many companies. Around the globe, a large number of companies operate under the IKEA trademarks.

IKEA Range & Supply, consisting of IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult and IKEA Supply, have the responsibility to develop, design, produce and supply IKEA stores around the world with home furnishing solutions available to the many people. Each year IKEA Range & Supply introduces 2,000 new products in the IKEA stores. The total range is almost 10,000 products.


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