• 04-JUN-2019

IKEA introduces two new ways to steer the SYMFONISK products

Image of SYMFONISK sound remote

In August the first products from the collaboration between IKEA and Sonos will be available, the SYMFONISK range includes a multifunctional book-shelf speaker and a table lamp speaker at an affordable price. Now IKEA have developed two new ways to steer the products, the SYMFONISK sound remote and the TRÅDFRI app integration, in order to create your own, personalised atmosphere at home.     

“For IKEA the smart home is about enabling people to create atmosphere in their home, live a more convenient life and make them feel safe. IKEA is always looking for ideas that improve life at home. By integrating technology with home furnishing products and solutions we can do that in an even better way.”, says Björn Block, Business leader at IKEA Home smart.

Sound and light are two powerful mood boosters and hugely important elements for creating the right atmosphere around the home. IKEA’s life at home research found that 59% of the people asked play music to get a homey feeling, 58% says that food taste better when they have music in the home. At the same time small changes in the lighting can have a great impact on people’s life at home, where many people want to change the light and mood depending on the activity. Creating specific atmospheres for the home’s many activities.

“What light and sound have in common is that both are deeply personal – each of us has our own unique preferences in terms of volume, brightness, type, or genre. At IKEA we want to make that personalised atmosphere available for the many people.”, says Björn Block.

After the update of the TRÅDFRI app people will be able pre-set lighting moods and design their own light and also set a timer to turn the lights on/off at a specific time, it will also be possible to group your different connected products so that when your lights goes on, the blinds goes up and the music starts playing. Making it easy for people to change their atmosphere at home.

“In the TRÅDFRI app you will be able to steer all of your connected IKEA products in your phone of tablet, such as your TRÅDFRI lighting products, your smart blinds FYRTUR and KADRILJ as well as the SYMFONISK speakers or any Sonos speaker. Building onto the possibilities of creating your own atmosphere at home in a convenient way by gathering everything in one place.”, says Björn Block.

Coming this fall you will also be able to steer your SYMFONISK speakers with the SYMFONISK sound remote.

“At the same time when you want to have the convenience of steering all your connected products from one app, like the TRÅDFRI app, there might also be times when you want to leave the phone out of the equation. The SYMFONISK remote lets you do exactly that.”, says Björn Block.

With the SYMFONISK sound remote connected with the TRÅDFRI gateway people will be able to play/pause, skip a song or go to the previous track, and adjust the volume. Resembling a traditional hi-fi volume knob, the SYMFONISK sound remote can be placed anywhere – on the fridge, on the wall, on the dinner table – making sure it blends in the home.

Both the SYMFONISK sound remote and the TRÅDFRI app integration will be available during fall 2019.