91 % of the wood used for IKEA products is now from more sustainable sources



Our ambition is to become forest positive by 2030 by promoting sustainable forest management to eliminate forest degradation and deforestation - using innovative approaches to forest management, protection, restoration and regeneration. At the same time, forestry
is a key part of the climate positive agenda. We design our products to make smart use of resources and cut the wood to minimise waste, making more from less. All of the wood used in IKEA products is sourced in compliance with the forestry section of the IKEA IWAY Standard, which sets out the minimum environmental and social standards expected from our suppliers, including compliance with local laws. In FY19, we reached 91% more sustainably sourced wood (MSS) (Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC) and/or recycled). The main challenge to reaching 100% is the limited availability of FSC certified wood in certain countries. However, the remaining 9% is still covered by our internal due diligence system where we work with auditing and traceability.
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