Video - Ulf Johansson on forestry and the importance of responsible forest management



As a large user of wood we believe IKEA has both the ability and the responsibility to be a positive influence on how forests are managed. Our target is that by end of 2020 all wood used in IKEA products will come from more sustainable sources, currently defined as FSC certified or recycled wood. IKEA is attending COP25 to share how we are working to become climate positive and discuss how we and other businesses can speed up the global climate movement. During the COP25 panel discussion “Climate action and land use—opportunities and risk”, Ulf Johansson will discuss what governments and businesses can do to improve land use management with a special focus on forestry and agriculture, and the food, materials and fuels they provide.
Ulf Johansson, Global Wood Supply and Forest Manager at IKEA Range & Supply
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