• 07-JUN-2018

Design principles for circularity

In order to prolong the life of products and materials we work with 9 circular design principles. Implementing these principles in every product we develop will create the platform for a circular IKEA. All our products will be circular by 2030.

  1. DESIGNED FOR AN EXPECTED LIFESPAN Product durability, condition, and material matches its functional and stylistic lifespan.
  2. DESIGNED FOR THE USE OF RENEWABLE OR RECYCLED MATERIALS Ensuring the right choice of materials from the beginning.
  3. DESIGNED FOR RECYCLING Choosing materials and how they are combined to enable recycling.
  4. DESIGNED FOR PRODUCTION Designed for minimum waste in production of material, water, energy, and chemicals.
  5. DESIGNED FOR STANDARDIZATION AND COMPATIBILITY Enabling interchangeability also between brands (ex. chargers), better production and re-manufacturing.
  6. DESIGNED FOR ADAPTABILITY AND UPGRADABILITY Products that can fulfill the customer need throughout life.
  7. DESIGNED FOR CARE AND REPAIR Products that fulfill customer needs for easy maintenance, repair, and long term enjoyment.
  8. DESIGNED FOR DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY For moving, repairing, upgrading, and remanufacturing.
  9. DESIGNED FOR AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Enabling customers to make an emotional connection with the product, like design details that support keeping memories, uniqueness, or personalization.


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